Songs and Tunes

Recorded and mixed at Zeitenwind- Studio, Hochstetten 2002-2004

Uwe Schmidt: Gesang, Gitarre, Bouzouki, Drums, Keyboard
Achim Ernsthausen: Fiddle
Sigrid Osenberg: Keyboard (Daughters and Sons)

1 Tune: Cathrine Thyrell, O'Neills Favorite, Doon Reel
2 Hard Hard Times
3 Tune: Boys of Ballycastle, Morrison Jig, Morning Dew
4 Tune: Doonybrook Fair, Willie Coleman's, Saddle the Pony
5 Ferry Man
6 Tune: Flowers of Spring, Peacocks Feather, Harvest Home
7 Gardens
8 Go Move Shift
9 Tune: Higgins Hornpipe, Stack of Wheat, Galway Hornpipe
10 Tune: Irish Washerwoman, Jump at Sun, Humour of Bantry
11 Daughters and Sons
12 Tune: Man of The House, Wild Irishman, Drowsy Maggie
13 Fairy Tale of New York
14 Flood Garry
15 Tune: Munster Buttermilk, Father O'Flynn, Rose in the Heather
16 Patriot Game
17 Tune: Sean McGovern's Polka, Lakes of Sligo, Mick Duggan's Polka